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The Web, for Artists

The Internet is where you want to show your work. Whether you're producing Web-based art or more traditioanl paintings, drawings, or scupltures, you need an online presence.

You don't have to be a geek to tmake the best use of the Internet, but it helps to understand some fundamental techonolgies, princples, and tools.

Learn the essentials for getting a Web domain, hosting a site, optimizing images, and more, all in way no tech book has every been done.

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Kinect Hacking for Artists and Musicians

Microsoft's Kinect is an amazing piece of low-cost hardware that brings 3D, real-time, interaction to games.

But it's not just for games; the Kinect can be used to create amazing art and music.

Kinect for Artists will give everything you need to get up and running.

What it covers

  • Getting a Kinect controller
  • Finding and installing key software
  • Understanding deoth data
  • Skeleton tracking
  • Getting to the Kinect to talk to your programs
  • Creating music with the Kinect
  • Moction capture
  • Controlling real-time animation

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Just the Best Parts: Open Sound Control for Artists

OSC (Open Sound Control) is way for computers, synthesizers, and assorted multimedia programs and devices to talk to each other.

It is in some ways like MIDI, but far more powerful, going beyond just music software.

Learn about OSC and how to use it to create extraordinary multimedia productions.

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